I was cut from a whiskey soaked cloth in Harrisburg, PA. After failing out of West Virginia University and selling wedding gowns for a company that went bankrupt, I decided to give art school a go. And it went. It went very well.

I spent the first years of my career at Harrisburg and Philadelphia based Neiman Group. Over 5 years later I took a job at Grey New York. Another handful of years later, I took another job at Anomaly. I don't like jumping around to different agencies a lot. I also don't like bar crawls. I'd rather find a seat and settle in.

When I’m not advertising, I’m cooking, eating, drinking, wearing hats, or traveling. Often at the same time. I also enjoy naming inanimate objects and bursting out into song. I’m pretty sure I was a jukebox in a former life. I love my dog. Her name is Frog. 



Neiman Group
Harrisburg & Philadelphia
2006 - 2011

Grey New York
2011 - 2015

Anomaly New York
2015 - Present