Happy Banksgiving

Every customer service call ends this same way. “Is there anything else I can do for you today?” And usually, as a customer, we say “nope” and hang up as quickly as possible. Not on Banksgiving. For one day, we took over an Ally Bank Call Center and after typical banking business was handled, we gave callers more than they ever expected out of a simple, routine call to their bank.




When Ally bank was founded, they were determined to be a better bank. That was in 2009. Almost 10 years later, it was time to reintroduce Ally to America. It was time to be bold. It was time to remind them how much their bank sucks and begin persuading them to make a change.

First we we ran full page ads in every major newspaper in the country, lets ing America know that Ally Bank is setting out to right the wrongs one the banking industry.

Next, we offered up a irresistible and insane offer.  We called it Payback Time. For one week, when customers moved their money to Ally, they received an additional 1% interest. Yup. Free money.

To get the word out, we bought every piece of free media we could in select markets. We ran ads on social, tv and in print - all fueling dissatisfaction with consumers current bank. And it worked. During Payback Time, over 65,000 new accounts were opened and Ally overshot their year goal by 1.3 billion buckaroos. 

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